Puggle Clone Prototype
Character :

Puggle Clone based on Tuber Simulator
My wife got me into playing Tuber Simulator on my phone. The one thing that stood out to me was the puggle mini game. Its a classic peg game you might find at boardwalks for a chance to win prizes or tickets. For some reason I was really interested in the mechanics of it bouncing off the wall and pegs. So I thought it might be a fun challenge for myself to use the game dev knowledge I've gained so far from unity3d and apply it on a webbased version of the puggle game. So here it is, all just for fun and its a good example for anyone who wants to implement such a thing. I built it by slowly putting together a small js framework that I'll extend over time. I'm calling it SageJS.

Puggle and Graphics belongs to Tuber Simulator. Please dont sue me, pewdiepie :)

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