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Noise UI
Anther UI experiment brought to you by Vor. I saw a lecture video a long while ago about using perlin noise to generate terrain height maps. He demoed the concept using an interface like this where you have 3 curves that you can merge together to create hills and valleys. I've done quite a bit of learning about randomness and noise that I thought it would be cool to play with that interface. I looked around for the video but couldn't find it to see if there was a link to what he used or created. Necessity is the mother of invention, so what better way to learn this stuff then to build the ui for it. Used my previous UI experiement NEditorJS for the base look then went to town putting it together. Side note, people asked why I didn't use ES6 in NEditor, for shitz + giggles this was coded in ES6 instead of old classic js. Enjoy.

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