I want to start playing around with special rendering and noise if a big part of it, but doing things all with code makes it hard to get an idea of what to use and they're settings. So this is a collection of pages with a UI to allow someone a chance to play with noise, plus you can also grab the GLSL code to use in your project once you found something you like.

  1. Blender:Wave Texture Node straight out of blender's github with all its options in tact.
  2. BCC 4 Point Starts off with a texture that looks like collection of petals but changing "Use Data" makes it look different.
  3. BCC 8 Point Similar to 4Point, but can get some different results by switching to dF data options.
  4. Class Perlin Your standard noise, also includes perioidic options.
  5. SimpleX Another standard noise that you'd find used a lot.
  6. SimpleX Gabor Creates a pattern like distorted lines.
  7. White Noise Random Noise, with scaling can make pixel like pattern.
  8. Voronoi Creates unique cell patterns.
  9. Cubic Another cloudy octave noise with a way to pixelize the results if need be.